Will our handsome, otherwise brilliant hero decide who's most important, before it's too late?

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Dragonetti's Mountain

An Erotic Contemporary Romance


Sophia Roslyn

(cover design by Fiona Jayde)

 What Madigan Dragonetti cannot understand is why a man as handsome and successful as Conan Brennigan appears to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

The growing relationship between trucking company and lodge owner, Madigan, and building restoration expert, Conan, is plagued by interference from his wanna-be fiancée and her boy toy, Conan's Uncle Lonnie, and Uncle Lonnie's crew of retired police officers and firefighters. Madigan, Lonnie, and the boys dig up a potential blackmail scheme involving sex, scandal, and street drugs. Everyone seems to want a piece of Conan Brennigan—but who does he want?

Madigan is attracted to Conan with feelings she never admitted to herself before, feelings of wanting a husband and children. She won't be the “other” woman—she wants to be his woman.

Is the fight worth it?  

(Warning: This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes Described in Graphic Detail)


  Dragonetti's Mountain - 5 Stars - Hot and hilarious!

Conan is a hero to die for and Madigan is a woman who knows what she wants. She's no shrinking violet and is a match for Conan in every way. Though she wants him, he has secrets. She can't understand what he's doing with spoiled princess BranDee and lamebrain Todd. Conan tells her to be patient, but can she trust him? A lot of sex and adventure ensue and Conan's Uncle Lonnie and his cronies add a lot of humor. This is a fun, sexy story with great characters. And the descriptions of food made me hungry!

By lilymay22 (July 19, 2011)

Dragonetti's Mountain - 5 Stars - Wow, what a debut! 

The humor captured me from the first paragraph, and the snarky heroine, sexy hero, and sly sidekick Uncle Lonnie kept me turning pages. I loved how the characters became real almost from the beginning, and the dialogue is quick and propelling (and Madigan's inner monologues are hilarious). The setting, a mountain lodge set on 300 acres in upstate New York, is like a fantasy land that you could actually go to. The plot definitely keeps you guessing, and the last page comes way too soon. Get ready for fun with keets, Ivan the Pole, and annoying antagonists you love to hate. This book was so much fun. I am eagerly awaiting Ms. Roslyn's next offering. Maybe another romance set at the Lodge? I'd definitely be game.

By Pamela (August 29, 2011 - Richmond, VA USA) - Amazon Review 

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